Our Mission

We translate research findings, learning assessment and analytics, and innovative technologies into improved teaching methods and academic outcomes in high-enrollment courses.  We are changing the culture in higher education by demonstrating the power of translational education research in the context of course transformation in STEM disciplines and beyond.

Our Initiatives

The information age provides unprecedented opportunities to rethink our approach to teaching at scale. We can abandon the passive lecture halls, generic instruction, standardized exams, and expensive textbooks of the 20th century. Today, content is ubiquitously available and emerging technologies enable us to attend and respond to thousands of students in individually tailored ways. We can personalize education at scale, focusing on the learning of each individual student rather than content delivery.  REBUILD is leading several initiatives that capitalize on this opportunity.

STEM Course Reform
Foundational Course Initiative
First-Year STEM Learning Communities

For more information, please contact:

Tim McKay (tamckay@umich.edu)
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of PhysicsAstronomy, and Education
Faculty Director of the Digital Innovation Greenhouse,
Principal Investigator of the ECoach project
Principal Investigator of the REBUILD project